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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Week 1: Reignite Your Passion for Yoga
  • Week 2: Step into Your Authentic Purpose as a Teacher
  • Week 3: Own Your Unique Presence and Unveil the Promise Only You Deliver
  • ​Our daily content includes asana classes, talks, expert advice, worksheets, journaling prompts, community support, live Q&A, and so much more​!
  •  BONUSES: Lots of surprise goodies along the way!
"You’ve really helped me solidify my practice and that has had an enormously positive impact on all parts of my home life, my mental and physical wellbeing and my teaching."

- Olivia Collins, UK
"I thank you for offering this invaluable opportunity to us yogis."

- Lisa O'Driscoll, NY
"Barrie continues to be a source of inspiration for me as a student and a teacher and for this I am grateful."

- Leanne Whiting, NS

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What is the daily time commitment for the course?
Usually 20-30 minutes per day. The exception to this will be our asana classes (3 during the period of the course), Q&A sessions, and guest expert sessions, which might go longer. Keep in mind you have full access to all our content beyond the 21 days, so you can go back to anything you missed or want to spend more time with at your own convenience.
What if I can’t attend live? Will I miss anything?
Not a thing. Everything we do live will be recorded and promptly uploaded so you never miss anything if you can't attend. 
What if I miss a day or two? Will I be lost?
Not to worry! You can always revisit any sessions you missed and catch up whenever you have time.
Will I continue to have access to the content after the 21 days?
Yes, You get full access to the full course for a minimum of one calendar year after the end date of the course (that would be until January 30, 2021) so you can continue to work with the content beyond the 21 days.
What is the schedule like?
Each morning beginning January 10 for 21 consecutive days, our daily content will be posted onto our platform. You'll also receive an e-mail notification from me letting you know it's up.
Will this course work for me if I teach {insert: Children’s Yoga, Bikram, Flow, Power, Yin, or any other style or method of yoga you teach} yoga?
Yes. This course is designed to help you clarify and step into YOUR authentic voice as a teacher, regardless of the style you teach, the people you teach, or how long you’ve been teaching. Although the program features 3 alignment-based asana classes - what you’ll learn in those classes is applicable to any style of yoga you teach – the goal of the program is for teachers of all traditions and styles to step into their own unique voice.
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